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The 14 week Private Coaching Program

for women with PCOS who want everlasting weight loss, address nagging symptoms & get their body back!

Hello, Badass Woman...

You're a cool down-to-earth gal who love, love, loves to spend time with their friends & family.

You have BIG goals for yourself, whether it's being able to walk out the door for an unplanned adventure, go out for an exciting event or creating family.

Your life & happiness is found in the person you aspire to be.

Happy woman

But, lately (or maybe longer)... don't seem to have the energy you used to. You go to sleep exhausted, you wake up exhausted, you have no idea what healthy would like.

Workouts & adventures (if you go) often leave you feeling like a train ran over you & recovering for days (or even weeks).

You can't keep up with your friends or spouse & you're finding yourself wearing baggier unflattering clothes you bought off the internet rather than going shopping for something that makes you feel sexy.

If you're being honest with yourself... feels like you're on an endless hamster wheel of exhaustion & no health food or exercise seems to make a dent in the way you look or help your PCOS.

There MUST be another way!

And if something doesn't change? You worry you'll miss out on having your dream life that you desperately want for yourself!


  • What were able to wake up & wear your shapely clothes instead of finding clothes that hide your fat lumps & bumps when you sat down...

  • What had as much energy as you wanted to go for a run, hike, bike or whatever the F you want to do...

  • What could ditch the shame & embarrassment that you feel every time you tell people you can't go somewhere because your body is giving you another dose of torment....

....without having to go on a restrictive diet, take a million supplements or end your social life forever?


  • Health is confusing AF. Every day there is a new 'perfect' diet for PCOS or weight loss that everyone is doing & you have no idea how to eat

  • You're already doing ALL.THE.THINGS; eating healthy, suffering through medication & asking for help until the cows come home

  • Sadly, our current environment is OUT OF THIS WORLD toxic & there are all kinds of advice that is sabotaging your life, health & body

  • If you're doing all the things & still feeling/looking like crap, it's time to look under the hood & figure out what is REALLY going on!

Eventually, a lot of women give up & accept they are just getting older & will stay this way forever. I mean, who could blame them? Trying to heal & not getting results is the WORST. It's demoralising.

But there is another way!

Hi, I'm Megs

I'm Megs & I've walked in those well-worn shoes of yours, feeling debilitated, avoiding mirrors & the stress of wondering, "will I ever get better?"

In 2015, after spending countless hours with various Drs & hearing them say "i don't know what else to try for your PCOS", i knew it was time to take matters into my own hands.

I wanted to be like my girlfriends. Go shopping for nice clothes, have normal periods & be able to eat out instead of fretting over the menu.

I wanted to be confident in my body.

My problem was that I was doing all the 'right' things. Eating healthy food & the fittest I'd ever been. It didn't make sense why I was suffering so badly!

I ended up stumbling across an approach to food & exercise that catered to helping hormones & our body.

It was then that I discovered the world of holistic health & an opportunity to finally heal my body.

After some hard effort, my period did return & became regular & I lost weight I never thought I'd be able to budge! I felt unbelievable & shocked my Dr's with a clean bill of health from blood reports & scans!

Today, I run a thriving PCOS Coaching practice that helps women lose weight, heal their nagging symptoms & get back to their energetic, sexy & confident selves!


There are few programs out there for PCOS since most practitioners are confused by what causes it. The ones that do exist, fail to seek the deeper root causes or only address one problem to inflame another. If you want to heal your PCOS & also ditch the stubborn weight for good, we need to identify the actual problem.

My program incorporates all areas of your health so we can discover your root cause (instead of guessing) & customise an approach based on actual data. This could be the last solution you will ever need.


  • I've been in your shoes! I've suffered from the pain of PCOS & recovered
  • I've spent years studying the root causes of why this happens
  • I'm trained in Metabolic Nutrition & Exercise Programming so I will be able to confidently diagnose what steps you should take to have lasting results
  • I've helped hundred's of women like you resolve their PCOS & lose weight
  • I'm 100% results driven - I am deeply committed to your transformation
  • I'll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know & help you implement it
  • I care deeply for you, I see your struggle & want you to succeed


When you enroll in The Anti-Diet PCOS Solution, you'll be onboarded so that I can learn everything I can about you & your health history before getting started. From there, I'll move you through the following steps...

STEP 1: Understanding Your PCOS Body

Understand how you are functioning & how you have the ability to stay in control & advocate for yourself at each checkpoint to your dream body.


STEP 2: Exercising For Results

Learn how to exercise in a way that leaves you invigorated, gain the confidence to workout anywhere/anytime, while ensuring you get results without the burn out.

STEP 3: Eating Yourself Healthy

Open your eyes to the simplicity of nutrition using the handful of basic steps to eat yourself happy & healthy. Eat stacks of filling & flavoursome food with confidence it is restoring your energy, addressing weight loss, minimising bloating (plus more) & creating your own meals without relying on meal plans or calories.


STEP 4: Professional Success Whisperer

A series of improvements will happen when you work on your health holistically, tune in to know exactly what these factors are so you can trust the process is working.

STEP 5: Creating The Healthy YOU

Working on yourself is hard & will be difficult to manage when you’re not quite the ‘healthy’ person you envision yourself to be (yet). Grasp the tools for success that reinforce your eagerness to make those good habits & intentions stick long term in your busy life.


STEP 6: Final Pieces Of The Transformation Puzzle

Success isn’t always found in food & exercise. Open up your eyes into other simple areas of your health you can adapt to feel better, function better & have enhanced fat loss results.


In The Anti-Diet PCOS Solution program, I was feeling better than ever by the end of the 14 weeks.

This was amazing, because I thought I would never heal & that I would live in torment forever. I was confidently making awesome food AND eating it! She helped me overcome my fear of gyms where I was taking selfies!

I have signed up to work with Megs again because I want EVEN MORE accountability for myself.

~ Jennifer, USA


I never thought I'd feel as good as I did after The Anti-Diet PCOS Solution!

I knew I'd never fully address my messed up hormones & a serious binge eating problem (in that short amount of time) but to my suprise I made huge dent in it! I have heaps of tools to go away & implement into my life that I feel so empowered to keep changing!

~ Siobhan, Aus


The Anti-Diet PCOS Solution program, has been the only thing that truly fixed my bloating!

I had always struggled with digestive issues & forever feeling uncomfortable no matter what I did or ate. I was soon able to identify why things hadn't worked in the past & it gave me so much help in how to continue on & lose even more weight!

~ Roxy, Aus


I ended up working with Megs much longer than I anticipated. She is just that good!

I hadn't had a period in over 7yrs & had dieted myself stupid. I was so excited to eat more food & learn how to help myself without burning out.

My period came back after a few months & is super regular... plus I lost extra weight I never thought would happen!

~ Kirsty, South Africa

The Anti-Diet PCOS Solution is a 14 week, high-touch private coaching program that gives you 1:1 support & accountability to ditch your PCOS & achieve all your weight loss dreams with high energy!

  • Work through your 6 step modules
  • Unlimited email/message support
  • Accountability check-ins
  • Prescribed workout & exercise critique
  • Unlimited nutrition feedback & reassurance

Want to work with me?

Let's hop on a complimentary registration call & let's chat!

On the call, I'll ask you a few questions, listen to your story & make sure that The Anti-Diet PCOS Solution is the right fit for you. And if not, I'll suggest something else so you can achieve your goals.